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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Jim - A four year Home B.A.S.E. mentor

We are so lucky to have such great mentors and Jim is one of those who we owe so much to. He is retired out of Lucent Technologies and has also worked with us for four years. Jim takes the mentoring with us seriously and provides leadership not only on the building site but off the site when he calls and relays plans of procedures and materials that we should have on site for the next time we work. Over the years, he has helped us out of the many jambs we have gotten ourselves into and has helped make our houses outstanding in their quality. There was one house when he helped straighten a sixty foot facia by cutting the bottom edge straight and then ripping another sixty foot of tapered pieces of wood to fit to the bottom edge. He has experience working with high school students. He helped coach the Brookhaven football team when they were City League Champions.

This will be Jim's fifth year with us.


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